Thursday, March 29, 2012

This Week

We played outside a lot.
Ate the first of the Mulberries.
Played in Daddy's car a lot.
Got lots of Nellie kisses.
Went to see the neighbors rabbits a lot.
Can you tell we did the same things over and over again?
It was a good week. Beautiful weather and lots of down time together.
Brace yourself for a ton of pics.

Here's another trend of the week.....

On Tuesday I picked up the bathroom rugs to wash and noticed the wood floor was looking darker than usual. I touched it and quickly realized we had a leak under our tub:( The hubby worked hard that night to figure out the problem and now this is what we are left with. Here's to getting it put back together this weekend. Because bathing an almost three year old in the kitchen sink is quite the challenge.


  1. I am so jealous of all your outdoor space! Our backyard is in shambles and our front yard runs right up to a busy road. My poor little guy would LOVE to run around your yard! Maybe this summer we can come play :)

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  2. Are the mulberries in your backyard?
    We have new bunnies too! So sweet!

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  3. @katy- I would love a visit from your sweet family. Our yard isn't that big thought. The big yard in the picture above is our neighbors yard that we are trespassing through:)

    @Mandi- Yes, it is in our backyard. We have to bring our A game to get them before the birds.

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  4. Love these pictures! Your kids are so cute! And the weather looks BEAUTIFUL! What a wonderful week!

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