Sunday, December 11, 2011

Movie Night

I'm coming off of a fun high from Saturday nights outdoor movie night that we just hosted. It was such a blast to have everybody over at our house to watch a cute movie, eat yummy food and chat by a warm fire. It was by far the most stress free gathering I have ever hosted. It makes such a difference when everybody chips in and brings something. Whether it's the food, speakers or the coat hangers for the s'mores it makes all the difference in the world.

My friend Brooklyn made these cookies and cupcakes that were not only adorable but out of this world amazing!!! Seriously, I've never tasted anything that buttery delicious. You need to go check out her  blog . Order from her and you will not be disappointed. She can even ship them so all of you non-locals can get a taste of her creations.

 I think I will always leave a large gathering wishing I could have been a part of every bit of action and have talked more with every person but the reality is that it just doesn't work that way and nobody is holding me to that other than myself. I constantly have to argue the voice in my head telling me that I left someone out or I hurt someones feelings. I know many other women struggle with these same things so that makes me feel a little bit more normal. It was a wonderful night and reminds me what a blessed life we live and how thankful I am for all of the friendships we have made in this town.


  1. It sounds and looks like it was a wonderful night! :] And those cookies and cupcakes really do look amazing!

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  2. Oh! We haven't hosted an outdoor movie night in AGES!!! Now that I have a big backyard again, we should totally do that!

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  3. Movie night was a blast! It's fun to see pics of the goodies taken by a pro.

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  4. ahh looks so wonderful!! what a great way to spend time with friends around the holidays.

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