Sunday, December 18, 2011

Candy House

This weekend we made Candy Houses but we used graham crackers instead of gingerbread. Soon into the activity I realized that my graham crackers weren't going to hold up using frosting so I decided to ditch it and use the hot glue gun. That and the fact that Little Miss was consuming the frosting faster than I could get onto the crackers. My husband is a traditionalist and had a problem with a.) not using actual gingerbread, and b.) hot glue. He worked hard on his little house and had it sitting up straight in no time. He made the comment, "If I've learned anything from fixing up our house it's that caulk can cover a multitude of mistakes and tonight my icing is like caulk."

It was a lot of fun making them...well for the ten minutes it held the attention span of a two-year old. Ten minutes and a crazy mess later.......

So looking back on it, 7:30 pm isn't the best time for a sugar filled activity. This is what she was doing at 10pm......


  1. Psssst! I heard you could also use white chocolate for the glue. It holds up well and is still...ummm...edible :-)

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  2. hahaha... I've never seen her like that! cute houses!

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