Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I'm thankful for
*My little girl reading to herself in bed*Downtime with my husband*Spending time with extended family*The sometimes cooler weather*the stillness of the house during naptime*watching my babies sleep*the way Bubby squeals*friendships*being able to stay at home with my children daily*getting to see my sister every two weeks for the next couple of months*a cozy bed*My husbands Goldy leadership over our family*the sweetest little one eyed dog in the world*texting and the way it has kept me connected with people on a daily basis*this little small town we live in*crafting with friends*bedtime prayers as a family*the countless "please" and "thank you's" I hear come from my daughter each day*a husband that works hard to provide for our family*a baby that is now sleeping through the night*the fact that mail gets delivered to my door*the way Little Miss loves on Bubby*hugs from my husband*pictures*pandora*friends that love on my babies*the local library*the excitement Little Miss gets for the simple things in life* yard sales*pinterest*chocolate*cuddle time with Bubby every morning*the ways Little Miss wants to sing HOLY HOLY HOLY every time we get in the car*my photography business and the way God is using that to help provide for our family*friends that bring me dessert*the luxury of central ac/heat*online shopping*the blogging community*warm blankets out of the dryer*a place to call home*love*forgiveness*laughter*healing*I could go on and on

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  1. Have a very happy Thanksgiving with your dear family, Robyn! andrea@townandprairie

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