Monday, November 14, 2011

{ 7 Months }

This little guys is seven months old.

He's developing such a little personality and I'm loving all the new things a day can bring. This is also the turning point where he's becoming less baby-like and more independent. This growing stuff is hard! I of course look forward to the days ahead and what they will bring and at the same time I want to hold onto this baby and the here and now.

{7 Month Milestones}
Sitting up by yourself with minimal slow motion side falling
Trying to push up onto your knees
Paying the game twister when a toy is out of reach
Sitting in the high chair
Sitting up and actually playing with toys during bathtime
Eating solids and loving all of them
Going to bed at 7:15 and waking up at 7:15 with only the occasional middle of the night crying
Starting to soothe yourself to sleep
Giggling a lot
Still lots of drool
Diaper is a size 4
Clothes are 9-12 months
Weight 18.6 pounds
No teeth
Full of love, laughter and squeals

Trying so hard to push up on all fours


  1. I love these pictures! Happy Seven Months! His eyes are AMAZING!

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  2. congratulations. i remember the post when he was born, my daughter is 6 months and just started eating solids and sitting up. however i marveled at babies that can sleep straight through the night their moms are plain lucky.

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  3. SUCH a cutie!! He looks so much like both mom and dad!

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  4. You make such pretty babies!

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