Friday, October 28, 2011


Went to Austin and got to hang out at with my Sister :)

No trip to Austin would be complete without a visit to Whole Foods for their creme brule.

We had an appointment with Cranial Technologies and found out our little guy is in need of the DOC Band :(

Mommy brought home "Toy Sorry Stickers" for Little Miss. You can see they got put to use in a hurry.

You see that blur of  a baby with food all over his face? Yeah, that would be me trying to put food into a moving target of a mouth. Boys are C.A.R.A.Z.Y!!!

Picnic dinner at the park and feeding the ducks.

Ice Cream truck??? Yes please! Gotta get my Bomstick on!

Hey Pampers, Thanks for taking the day off!

Met up with Ernie. Got to eat yogurt :)

Kids got to play.

And went to my first Just Between Friends Sale. I got all of these outfits for $130. I'm thrilled!


  1. how cute are you!!!

    ok, i'm going to stop right here & say - i can so relate...pampers has taken several days off over here as well!

    bless your heart!

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  2. I always have every intention of making it to a Just Between Friends sale and it never happens! Cute stuff.

    Diaper Blow can laugh about them later.

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  3. WOW! That's a great haul!!!

    I remember diaper blow outs... SO much fun!!

    great post!

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  4. The creme brule looks amazing! It looks like you had a great week, despite the diaper situation.

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  5. Oh no, that diaper blowout brings back memories. haha!! Good deal on all the clothes.

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  6. Ahh, the lovely diaper fail. Classic. I love all the outfits laid out for a picture - awesome :)

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  7. Eli will rock the head band thing like none other... it'll be cute!! And YOU are looking mighty cute and slim these days... high five, Mama!!

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  8. Oh wow what a mess!!! Good times LOL! ;) We have had several of those over here!

    Oh my word, I went to one of the 'just between friends' things a few years ago too! We got so many clothes for such a good deal!

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  9. Ha ha, made me chuckle. My daughter has used up ALL of our band-aids. They are a fashion accessory to her. And blow-outs, oh my! Whenever we put our first son in the mega-saucer, each and every time would be a blow-out. Sometimes it would be a team-lift to get him outta there. andrea@townandprairie

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