Friday, September 30, 2011


It's Friday again! Here's a glimpse of what our week looked like.

Reading to Bubby

Wings-N-More after the Aggie game

Crafting with Rachel

Pine needles, pine needles and more pine needles = hand blisters, hand blisters and more blisters

Tried my hand at a sourdough starter

Tested it out with my first loaf of sourdough bread

Sissy reading to Bubby

Sissy helping with dinner

Addiction of the week: homemade Monte Cristo sandwich with said sourdough bread

Pie Haven with Alli

Morning car ride with the "special cape" 

Headed to the fields of Warrenton

Sporting my new hair bands made during craft time

Playing with Bubby in the morning

Mornings at the park

Soaking up sweet fleeting moments

Playing in bed together

Potty training

Daddy's Football game

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