Friday, September 9, 2011

{In the kitchen}

The kitchen has always been a place to connect, relax, create and bond. I've shared some of life's greatest moments in the kitchen with friends and family. The kitchen is the heart of this home. I love my time in here with my babies. Little Miss is beginning to want to be involved in every part of preparing a meal and creating memories together. That and she knows it's the hub of all things yummy for your tummy. All that being said I can sometimes get in a rush just trying to get the job done that I forget or don't make the effort to involve her. Spending time with her, teaching and working together is far more fruitful than sticking to a schedule. I've learned to account for the loss of flour from sporadic stirring and missing chocolate chips from eager hands. It's all part of the fun.


  1. I love how you always sneak in the last pic of baby Elijah! Even though they are small and may not say or do much, they are in fact always present in all the big sister fun!! ;)

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  2. Carrie- I guess I do sneak him in at the Poor guy is always just hanging out but I guess so was Arabelle at that age

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  3. Look at that beautiful boy!
    I've always had the same philosophy about kitchen time as well. They are always right beside me, wanting to do something. And now that Dylin is 7, she is able to REALLY help! She chops veggies for me, grates cheese and can follow simple recipes by herself. It's so awesome to think of all that practice time she's had in the kitchen over the years and to see how confident she is in there!

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