Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{5 months}

This has been such an incredible month of growth. Growth in all areas. I feel as though you went from baby baby to baby big boy (if that makes any sense at all) all in this short month.

This month you:

Stopped using your swaddle blanket
Started to roll over and back and forth
Started rolling over onto your belly when you sleep (trying not to freak out about this one).
Found your toes and love to hold onto them.
Started sleeping a bit more through the night. Still waking up and crying but can soothe yourself back to sleep or go back to sleep with a paci.
Started taking a paci other than at night. This took place August 8th, not sure if it's going to stick but it's helping you get through some fussy times.
You notice toys being handed to you and follow them eagerly with your eyes and grab for them as soon as they come into reach.
You are patient.
You are sweet and cuddly.
You are a drooling machine.
You have a death grip like no other.
Your head is like velvet.
Your ears are so soft and floppy.
You still have blue eyes and red-ish blond hair.
You LOVE your Dadddy.
You get giddy and laugh so much late at night right before bed.
You love to snuggle next to me before Sissy wakes up.You love mornings in bed with your Sissy.

You are precious to us! We love you dearly and are so thankful God chose us to be your parents.