Monday, July 18, 2011

When you take a girl to Sea World......

The next day when she sees her bathing suit drying she'll want to put it on.
She has learned that just a bathing suit =  teeny tiny excuse of a pool in the backyard.
Bathing suit with clothes on top and shoes = going to a water park with waves, slides, sprinklers, a lazy river, Elmo and a fish the size of a semi truck.
So here you have it....a little girl ready to "go" swim. She walked around for some time saying, "bye bye Dadda...let's go swim."

This cuteness combined with all that sleep I got compliments of a day at Sea World was almost enough to make me hop in the car and head back to San Antonio.

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  1. That's too cute! Love the shoes on the wrong feet :) Nonnie loves those babies!

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