Tuesday, July 19, 2011

{Three Months}

My not so little guy is three months + one week old already. When we went to his last checkup he weighed 14 lbs and 3 ounces. He's in the 90th percentile in both height and weight.

I feel like we have made it through the marathon that is the first three months of crazy baby life...it just seems to get better and better from this point on. Not that a newborn isn't the sweetest thing in the world but let's be honest it's hard.

At the beginning of last week he started sleeping in his own bedroom. I was hoping this would break up his habit of still eating every three hours throughout the night but so far he hasn't missed a meal.

He's getting a little bit better about soothing himself to sleep. He has no interest in a pacifier and I'm not seeing any progress on a thumb sucker so who knows what's to come.

He isn't spitting up anymore! So excited about this.

He started sitting in his Bumbo and exersaucer this week and doesn't really know what to think about it but he loves being able to look around at everything.

He's smiling more and more everyday and makes lots of "oohhs and ahhhs."

We love seeing his little personality come through!


  1. Cutey cutey! He is getting so big!

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  2. so many milestones...he isn't very chunky though compared to some 3 mths old I've seen.

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