Friday, April 29, 2011


Pictures can be deceiving

It would appear that this sweet little baby boy is quietly enjoying his afternoon nap when in fact he is grunting, straining, moaning and making all sorts of locker room noise.

Because he isn't fussy and rarely cries I'm not sure if there is a problem or if this is just the way boys sleep.

We have swaddled and unswaddled, given gripe water and mylicon, heated the belly bag, placed him in his car seat, swing and any other contraption around and still.....the end result....more of these awful noises.

Has anybody experienced this with their little one? Any suggestions?

If I need to hop on one foot while nursing I'll try it if it might get my boy to stop grunting.

- One Tired Mama


  1. Heidi Whitehead April 29, 2011 at 6:50 AM

    LOL...Levi did/does that. Such "boy" noises! As long as he isn't crying its probably just the way he sleeps =-) He is beautiful!

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  2. Is he actually grunting in his sleep or grunting while resisting a nap? If he is sleeping, I wouldn't worry about it...Josiah was the same way and Eli too...I think it's just because, well, they are boys! : ) If it makes you feel any better we were having some sleep problems of our own...Eli was sleeping great through the night but not wanting to nap at all during the day unless he was in his sling. I finally figured it out though...with this little boy, as soon as I see any signs of him getting sleepy, I have to put him down immediately. If I don't, he will resist sleep ALL day because he is overtired. Now he is taking much longer, more "peaceful" naps without all the noises. Don't know if that helps any but I figured I would share! : )

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  3. "LK" was not a noisy sleeper, but "Scotch" was definitely a grunter any time she was asleep as a baby. As others have said, as long as he is sleeping and not having other issues (difficulty going to sleep, throwing up, etc.), it's not anything to worry about - just the way he sleeps.

    *As an aside, after seeing these comments and those on facebook, should I be worried that it's my girl that was the grunter? ;)

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  4. Actually Eva was a major grunter, like a little piglet when I put her to bed! If it's more than grunting and you think it's gas, you probably already know this, but look at what you are eating/drinking that might be a gasier food. Hope all is going well with 2 kids!!

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  5. Our first one was a grunter (ended up using Nutramigen to help ease the gas) who we would also hold - face down - on top of one arm, kind of like holding a football. My baby's cheek would rest on my upper forearm (near elbow) while my hand would support my baby's stomach, applying pressure to help move the gas along. I'd hold my lil' one while walking around which usually calmed the grunts & whimpers. I also placed a hard surface (I know this sounds strange but was given this suggestion by our pediatrician) - such as, a large chopping board or something similar that's sturdy, under my baby's blanket to help apply pressure/support the abdominal area. Obviously my baby was on her stomach while I supervised her napping in this position.
    All of these methods helped our grunter but, unfortunately, it was just another phase that eventually passed.
    Hang in there! Believe it or not but I can hardly remember those frustrating days, gone before I knew it.

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  6. He is so beautiful and looks so peaceful!!!!

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  7. My daughter was such a grunter. She would grunt all night long - nothing was wrong she was just NOISY!! but it wore off at about 6 weeks and now she is the most peaceful sleeper. And I ended up learning to sleep through the noise. :-)

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  8. Harper was like this until we let her sleep on her tummy (I know... I know..!) her problem seemed to be gas, and this helped "push" it out! He is so handsome!!

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  9. my grayson was that way... he actually slept draped over my tummy for his first 6 weeks... i also found each of my kids liked a different kind of massage-- and gray loved his little bootie massaged --like deep tissue swedish style. :) i've always said that will be an awkward conversation with his wife someday.. "oh if he's grumpy he always liked me to massage his bum bum. " ;)on a side note: he's CUUUUTE! :)

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  10. Thank you for all of your comments. It makes me feel better knowing some of you have gone through this grunting stage with your little ones. Let's hope it stops by 3 months...or sooner :)

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