Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ring pillow

Remember my sister friend Alli's wedding that's coming up in a few weeks? I'm beyond excited about it and slightly nervous that I'll be 37 weeks pregnant in a wedding but more than anything I'm excited.

Did I mention she asked me to make her ring pillow for the wedding? Well... I'm not gonna lie.....I was a bit nervous. She has fabulous taste and an eye for all things unique.
I mean....she made me this pillow for crying out loud! Can you say detailed?

Well, I finished the ring pillow the other day and I'm so stinkin' happy with how it turned out. I feel like it represents her 100%.  I just have to share it with you because it makes me smile to look at it and know that it will carry something so special on that day.


  1. I love the pillow Robyn! You are quite the crafter :)

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  2. Wow that is awesome. I am sure she'll love it. And what a beautiful pillow she made you.

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  3. You are the bomb diggity.

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