Monday, March 28, 2011

Bridal B&B

For the wedding weekend the bride stayed in one adorable B&B in Fredericksburg, Texas. I loved all details in this little white and black cottage. It was well styled yet comfortable...just my type.

This location was headquarters for flowers, makeup, hair, coffee, conversation, tears and laughter.

Tomorrow I'll post pics of the wedding!


  1. I am so glad I stumbled across your blog from the featured post on House of Turquoise! Thank you for finding me blog and commenting, how kind! Your nursery was just precious! I noticed something I hadn't last time I viewed your nursery the lil white bird above the framed lil white sweater, painted on the wall? It's such a cute idea! I'm looking forward to following you and all your lovely photography! I noticed you are in TX... my home state! We reside in Colorado now... but with the lil one on the way,I'd imagine we'd return to San Antonio soon to be near family. God Bless YOU!

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  2. Beautiful! I finally took the time to add you to my "frequent clicks" list, but you've been one of my favorites for a while.:) Can't wait to meet baby E!

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  3. Oh! What a neat place!
    And look at how many followers you have all of the sudden! That is awesome- it's like it happened over night. I'm so glad more people are reading you. You have so many great ideas! : )

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  4. love how you captured this haven! And love the last photo... a favorite from what I've seen of the wedding.

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