Saturday, February 5, 2011

National Nutella Day

When it comes to food there's a long list of things that I like and Matt doesn't.This can be frustrating when I try to convince him to try my favorites and he never really takes to it.

Then there are some things I have kept a this AMAZING stuff.

For many years he has seen this empty jar in the pantry or on the counter next to the pretzels and has never thought twice to try it. That is until this week. We were low on sweets and he gave Nutella a try. He spread a little on a ritz cracker and that boy was in heaven and now I've been found out.

The other problem with this situation is that like any smart Mother, I eat this snack when the babe is asleep so I don't have to share..Matt on the other hand hasn't learned this lesson and therefore shared it with Little Miss. Big mistake....big...huge.

I guess this love affair could only last so long.

Being that it's National Nutella Day I found it fitting to share the recent events that went down.

We got a bit of snow.
We went outside to play in the snow.
We came inside before Little Miss wanted to.
Dad recovered with a snack.
Little Miss was in heaven.
Mom no longer has a container of Nutella.
The End.

Happy Nutella Day! Just in case your's next to the peanut butter at your grocery store.


  1. It looks like the gig is up :) I love the picture of A with her pouting lips & her eyes cut to the side. Love ya'll. Nonnie

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  2. how funny! at megs we were discussing nutella, and i told them how i got a jar in my stocking for Christmas but haven't opened it yet (i have never tried it!) all of them told me NOT to open it, unless i wanted to have a serious addiction.
    i still haven't opened it, but stare at it every time i open my pantry! we shall see how long i hold's getting more difficult when i see it on almost every blog!!! lol!

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  3. I am glad somebody besides me is obsessed! Super cute....

    & yes, as soon as i tried it I ran into abel and make him try it.... just like you BIG MISTAKE!

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  4. i was going to ask you if y'all had school cancelled. we did on friday and it was great - just what we needed with daddy! it reminded me of home, that's for sure. but my family and i all had to smile b/c we would NEVER EVER get school cancelled for this! that's a good thing about Texas, i suppose! :)

    i hope you're feeling well!!!

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