Friday, February 4, 2011

Getting in front of the camera friday {Sew Mama Sew}

This week I've been taking advantage of this cold weather by getting my long list of sewing projects out of the way. So far I have completed the crib bumpers and a too small boppy cover. That poor boppy looks like a fat man in a little coat. I might go back and fix it but at this point I'm so ready to move on from my mistakes and get the other projects accomplished. I love to sew but I hate the brain power that goes behind it.

As my hands push the fabric through the machine I think about how this little one will curl up next to this bumper in the night to find comfort; when he's older he will use these bumpers to stand on to try and climb out of the crib and  I'm sure I'll find myself washing these bumpers in the middle of a sleepless night from a sick baby.All the things that go along with the stages of a crib will in some part involve the bedding I'm making for him. I know it won't mean all of these things to him and to others it's just bedding but to me I'll remember the days I spent making it for him, dreaming about him and praying over him. As I work my hands piecing together things for his room it focuses my thoughts on how the Lords hand is on this baby in my womb, knitting him together with intricate detail. His creation is marvelous.

          " For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb." Psalm 139:13


  1. can't wait to see it all and can't wait to meet that marvelous little Creation!

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  2. Baby Boy is going to love this picture of you laboring over his bedding in anticipation of his arrival. It really is a sweet, sweet pic!!

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