Saturday, February 26, 2011


Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
to all  that called, emailed, facebooked, sent text messages and mailed me sweet Birthday wishes. It truly was a special day. I loved every minute of it...and needed it. 

The night before my Birthday I shamelessly made myself  the Birthday cake I have had every year since I was a little girl. I realized sometimes you just gotta take matters into your own hands and I'm okay with that. I had a little helper for some of it but then she decided it was time to go to bed.

I woke up the next morning and had cake for breakfast. It's a rule. You have to have cake for breakfast on your Birthday and any day following that it's still around.

I watched Elmo's Birthday episode in bed with Little Miss. I wasn't planning on this however she didn't want me to miss a second of my special day and decided to wake up extra early.

I opened my present from Matt. Then I opened happy mail from my sister. Later that day when the mailman came he brought more happy mail.

I got my favorite salad for lunch.

We went to P.F. Changs for dinner followed by the Chris Tomlin concert. Both of these being a surprise we hadn't planned for but others gave to us.

I'm so thankful for my special day.

I feel very blessed, loved and adored.



  1. You are blessed & adored. You are also a blessing & adoring. I am so glad you had such a good birthday. Love, Nancy & Ronnie

    PS Loved the dress!

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  2. that photo is fabulous!!!!! You ARE adored and loved.

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  3. Happy Birthday Robbin!
    It must be Fun to have a whole Birthday week!

    I am wondering what color is the paint color on the door behind you! Don't laugh! I am just trying to find the perfect white cream color and the color on your door looks perfect!

    P.S.- you can wait till after your birthday week to get back to me!! ;-)

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  4. Wait! It's the rule that you have to let all of us non-facebookers know when it is your birthday. You haven't heard of that rule?!?

    I'm so glad you had a good day!

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  5. Hi Robbin. Your MIL directed me to your site. I LoVe it! And happy late birthday.

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  6. Happy late birthday! And that salad DOES look good! Where is it from (or did you make it)?

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