Friday, January 21, 2011

getting in front of the camera {friday} pj's

All I've got to say is this weather is yuck! I've never been so bothered by nasty weather until I had a little girl that adores being outside. It makes the day long and sometimes hard on both of us when were cooped up. I'm thankful to say yesterday wasn't one of those days. We made the most of this nasty weather by having a pajama day. We stayed in our pj's all day, watched a  movie and did a little crafting (aka play-dough time).

It was during nap time that I was filled with gratitude for my dear husband and all  he does so I can stay home and raise our family. There I was sitting in bed in my pj's, reading as long as nap time allowed while he was at work providing for our family. Everyday I'm thankful for the sacrifices we make as a family to make this calling happen but yesterday was one of those extra special, thankful, full heart days.

Of course not every day is a pj day. Some days are hands in the toilet water days. Four bad diapers in a row days. Did I even brush my teeth days. But today I'm thankful for having a restful pj day.


  1. You are becoming quite the photographer these days, Robyn! Love all the pics lately!

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  2. Thanks Paige! I had to get all artsy with this shot because you would have been scared to see my face on a pj day.

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  3. robyn, did you make her bed skirt?? It is too Cute!

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