Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Handmade Christmas Night #1

Last night we kicked off our craft for Christmas series and we began with coffee filter wreaths and all the above with old book pages. We all suffered multiple hot glue burns but had a ball together.

Let me just make one thing clear....this is NOT a one hour project, like I had read on other blogs. I ain't hatin'...I'm just sayin.'

This last wreath is the one I made for Arabelle's room using coffee filters I soaked in food coloring and then placed them on the oven racks at 190 degrees to dry.


  1. Crazy! I just made one of these. We must look at the same blogs:) I burned my fingers many times as well!!

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  2. Thanks again for hosting! We all had so much fun! Glad you could teach us not so crafty people...

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  3. looks like a blast and the end products are quite fabulous! WAY jealous!

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  4. Fun night! thanks for hosting and teaching us some new skillz!

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