Monday, October 25, 2010

Waited for this day his whole life

Matt has ALWAYS been a Rangers fan, tried and true he roots for Blue. I remember when we first met and one of the things he wanted me to experience was a Rangers game. My first Rangers game was back in 2007, I'll be honest...this is how I felt about it.


Fast forward to this past Friday.........the Rangers are doing well and putting up a pretty good fight for a chance in the World Series and I get a phone call around 9am that morning from my sweet husband begging asking me if he could purchase some of the last tickets online for tonight's game. It's rare for Matt to not have a  game on a Friday night and it just happened to be by chance that the Cubs didn't play until Saturday so Matt was a free man.
I didn't even have to ask the cost or how bad he wanted to go, I knew that boy needed to go see his Rangers my lazy day Friday became a whirlwind of packing, cleaning, and planning. We hit the road and didn't look back.
We got to Frost around 5:20 and setup Arabelle to stay with her Nonnie and Pawpaw for the first time without Mommy and Daddy. It was hard for me but I knew she was in safe hands. Then we booked it to Arlington, we somehow missed the traffic by being a bit late, got a great parking spot and made it into the stadium before the fly over.

Once we were in the stadium the feeling was something electric. It was a packed house and everyone was filled with excitement. We were in the cheap seats, you know the ones where they don't even check your ticket anymore but it didn't matter, every level, every row, every person was into the game. Like good ol' Aggies we stood the whole time and celebrated every advance with a smooch.

I was filled with JOY watching my sweet husband relish in the excitement of the game. And then......the Rangers won and it marked one of the highlights in Matt's life. I'm so happy he was there to be a part of it. He kept saying, "I've waited for this my whole life."

You might see me collecting cans off the side of the road for the next few weeks but it was worth every penny.

The next morning we woke up early to head back home and when we told little Miss about the win...she was pretty excited.

Here's some shaky footage of the win.

And if you want more


  1. I am SO glad y'all got to go! Looks like you guys had a blast!

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  2. I'm speechless. So thankful you got to go & be part of the fun. Love ya"ll.

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  3. Good for you guys! Those are the BEST memories, good for you for being such a great sport;)

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  4. aw, that's awesome!!! I love it!!!

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  5. That was such a great game! I am glad ya'll got to go. I will have to share updates with ya'll when I go to the World Series Game Sunday!!

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  6. I told my husband that if he found tickets to the world series for under $100 each we could rob our vacation fund and go. Needles to say... we will be watching from our couch! He is from Arlington and we both went to school at UT Arlington and there was NEVER any excitement while we were there!! Glad you guys got to go - looks like so much fun!!

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  7. You know- sometimes it's good just to bust the budget and have fun! Good for you for not holding him back!

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  8. That was a selfless thing to do, Mama! Good work! :) Looks like y'all had a good time!


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