Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I've waited my whole life for this moment

Since I was a little girl being in the kitchen was just a part of life. I loved helping, creating, tasting and sharing as a result of time in the kitchen. One thing I have dreamed about was the day that I had children to share in this passion.
When we woke up Monday morning it just felt like a waffle kinda day and it occurred to me that my little helper might want to take part in making our breakfast.

Let me just tell you this girl was all business, she's going to be a serious helper. You won't find her taking any breaks or forgetting her tasks.

 You know what's about to happen........

  Yup....raw egg doesn't taste so good. She didn't do any "sampling" again.

I can't wait for more kitchen adventures and messes. The flour that dusted the kitchen, batter that ran down the high chair and onto the floor is worth every bit of sharing in this passion together.


  1. AW! SOOO CUTE!! That is one thing I am SO looking forward to with my future daughter as well. She is adorable and you are such a good mommy!

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  2. So sweet! Way to get that girl a cookin'!!

    p.s. these pics look pretty great;) truly!

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  3. Yes! This is one of my favorite things to do too! Just wait until you have 2- double the fun!

    (and I mean that. I'm not being all passive aggressive. I love cooking with both of my kids sandwiching me in. It is a real blessing.)

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  4. Adorable! I love that you are getting to share these experiences with sweet little Belle.
    Lookin good on the photos!

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  5. I love my sweet darling. Those pictures make me smile. Not to mention that I completely admire my wife for being the awesome homemaker she is.

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  6. Ah, too cute. Brode loves to help me in the kitchen, too! I think it's fun to give them responsibility!! It makes eating more enjoyable, knowing they put it together!


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