Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Simple Garden Recipe

I have been so busy storing up and consuming things from the garden I work and work and just when I think I'm on top of things I see some of my veggies going bad before I can get to them. There are some things I still don't always know of ways to use them but when I find a winner I like to share it. If you have a summer garden you are most likely up to your ears in tomatoes and squash. You can make a ton with tomatoes but squash???Humm...if you have yummy recipes please send them my way, I would love to find more uses.

However, there is a squash tomato casserole that I just love and it uses up everything from the farm. Squash, tomatoes, ground sausage, cheddar cheese and some Morton's Nature Seasoning. I basically just layer squash on the bottom, tomatoes, raw sausage, cheese, seasoning...repeat. The tomatoes cook out a lot of liquid and you loose some volume there so don't be afraid to load in the maters...and all that liquid helps cook your squash.

Tonight I tried "baking" it in the microwave on high for 20 minutes and it turned out just as good as it does in the oven @350 for 25 minutes minus heating the house up. Tomorrow night I think I will make some squash sticks breaded in panko crumbs bakes in the oven served with a marinara sauce made from more tomatoes out of the garden.
* If your not crazy about pork you can substitute with ground beef.

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