Sunday, July 11, 2010

Houston Zoo

Friday we took a spontaneous trip to the Houston Zoo. We have found out that Arabelle gets motion sick in the car when she is given snacks to eat. Two out of the two times we have fed her in the car have not ended well. When we got to the zoo I proceeded to put a clean onesie on know the one I left on the kitchen counter at home... Luckily I had her bathing suit in the car and had no shame toting a animal print bathing suit baby on my any moment she was ready for the splash pad and mist fans.

We had such a blast! Arabelle loved all of the animals and called them all "puppies." We have loved every minute of this summer...and it's random days like this that have made it so special.

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  1. Loved the blog & photos. Animal print, huh? Arabelle takes after her Nonnie! I am glad you have had such a good summer.
    Love, Arabelle's Nonnie

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