Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Arabelle mY BiG One YeaR Old

Where has the time gone. I cannot believe that we are celebrating the first year of your life already! It's just as everyone said,it feels like you have always been in our lives but at the same time like we just brought you home from the hospital.

This has been the most precious year of my life. Watching you grow each day and show us your sweet little personality has been the greatest Joy of my life. Nothing comes close.

You are turning into such a big girl right before our very eyes. On your actual Birthday you got your very own big girl chair and there's no hiding that your not a little baby anymore. You sit in your chair all day long just as content as could be.

On May 8th you got your first tooth...just in time to eat your Birthday cake!

On May 20, 2010 you got up out of your chair and walked over to me all by yourself!!! I couldn't believe it! I was so thankful both your Daddy and I were sitting right there with you. You went back to your chair and did the same thing except you walked right into Daddy's arms. It's moments like these that make us feel so special. You show us love, tenderness, affection, laughter and kindness.

I pray over you daily Arabelle. I pray that you would fall in love with Jesus at an early age and you would desire his will for your life. I pray that through your life others would see the love of Christ.

You are Joy.......pure Joy!


Mommy & Daddy


  1. that is the cutest outfit! did you make it?

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  2. The tutu is awesome, and I love the skirt around the high chair! You have got a great family.


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  3. Haley- Thank you! Yes, I did make it.

    Crystal- I love little girls and their tutu. I am very blessed by my family and love them dearly.

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  4. the party was absolutely adorable. i loved all of the sweet details you put into the party!

    i can't believe our babies are ONE! this is nuts!

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  5. Robin the birth is amazing, great pictures...i love the pictures and i love how you write...and the bathroom redo is amazing..i love it blue so much better..you are talented.i KNEW YOU COULD DO THE SLIPCOVERS! see you soon! Love, Holly

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  6. i meant BIRTHDAY..i am sure the birth was amazing too..ha!

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  7. i may have to talk to you about making some cute onesies for my nephew! i found some really cute ones on etsy, but some of them are priced ridiculously high.

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  8. Stopping over from Holly Mathis' site- LOVE the party! Such beautiful, fun details! I don't think I've ever heard the name Arabelle, and I love it!

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  9. can you show how you made her little tutu?

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