Monday, March 1, 2010

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I feel like I have so many Arabelle updates all at once. The last month it seemed like things slowed down a bit for her. I mean there are always the cute things that happen on a daily basis but nothing changing really as far as her development goes.Then all at once it hit. This past week we realized all of these big girl changes that are occurring.

We took Arabelle to Build-A-Bear for Valentines Day and got her a cub bear and she loves it. We thought we were doing this more for ourselves and then she took it with her everywhere and sleeps with's super cute.

Arabelle was all over the place when she first started crawling and now she has settled into it a bit. Thank goodness because I was wondering how I was going to manage with all the craziness. She still gets into things but she is understanding what is off-limits. I sure do love this little busy bee. She has so much fun helping me in the kitchen.

Arabelle is getting such a playful little personality. She laughs all the time and she plays games with her Daddy.She LoVeS to ride on Daddy's shoulders.

This weekend we had some big girl changes as she moved into a real high chair, and ditched the baby bath and moved into the big bath.

This past Tuesday we received some snow, this is the second time it has snowed since Arabelle was born but this is the first time it really stuck for a while and we were...I was able to make a snowman.

Arabelle has also been hitting the road for some late night Basketball games. These pictures were taken one year apart at the same gym and same playoff game.

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  1. She is so sweet and happy and CRAZY in the dishwasher! I love that other babies are adventurous and wild. Because my shady little one is a destroyer. But a cute destroyer!

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