Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dreaming of Spring time

We have had some beautiful weather and that combined with Spring fabric lines coming out has made me so excited for the beauty of Spring to be here in full swing. This is the first Spring that I have a garden and flower beds.I am literally checking on them everyday hoping to see new life and growth. I am thrilled with the idea of putting something in the ground and watching it grow. Just the thought of it makes me think of the Lord in so many beautiful ways. New life, growth, nature, soil, sun, rain...it all makes me feel the presence of my Savior.

I went to College Station on my birthday last week and treated myself to fabric rather than a meal at a restaurant. It was so much better picking out the Spring line of Amy Butler, Heather Bailey and Michael Miller fabric than ordering bow-tie festival at Johnny Carino's...and besides when I got home Matt had tiramisu waiting for me....he is the best!

There were so many cheerful and spring-like fabric choices that I could hardly contain myself so I ended up getting a little bit of everything. When you buy fabric in small amounts your projects need to be scaled down a bit so I decided to spruce up some kitchen towels. This is a very easy project and again a cheap way to practice beginner sewing skills. My creations are never perfection, I just think of something and go for it with no concerns of the outcome. If I was a perfectionist I probably wouldn't craft. So throw out any worries you have about sewing and try out a simple project.

For this project the investment is small and the outcome is so fun and practical. I love the idea of actually using something you had a hand in making. I don't know about you but I use the heck out of some dish towels around here. You also don't need much fabric so you can splurge a little and get the good stuff.

Take the towels and measure the face of the rectangle once folded. It will most likely be folded from the store. Allow 1.5 cm extra for the edges to be folded and ironed under.

I add a coordinating fabric to accent the bottom and pin it to the bottom portion.

Run it through the sewing machine making sure to get close to the edge of the fabric. Because I did not serge the ends there is a chance of fraying. It's no big deal that's what handmade is gonna look like.

Now you have a cheerful towel to use as your wiping up crumbs off the counter. Makes the job a bit more satisfying.

I made these towels and thought they were too fun to keep to myself, so I want to give them to you! In the comment section tell me what you are looking forward to about Spring break or what you wish you were doing for Spring break. I will choose an entry at random and send you these colorful kitchen towels. Make sure to leave your comment before Friday (3/5) at 11:00 am.

*Any blog visitor is welcome to enter ;)


  1. Warm weather, starting a garden, better produce, and moving! Love the towels!

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  2. I wish I was going on a relaxing vacation during spring break--to Greece or maybe just a camping trip :) Very cute towels! You are so crafty!

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  3. Looking forward to having Megan, Kensley and Bryson and enjoying some sunshine....I plan on taking them to the park and maybe Chick-fil-a. Kensley says I'm a very helpful Grammy....lol she cracks me up. Going to get some containers ready for vegetable growing with Kensley....she loves to plant things and dig in the dirt. I'm sure we will plant a few flower seeds so we can watch them grow. Kiss Arabelle and tell her I love her....
    Oh and by the way love the towels!!!!

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  4. I will dream that I'm not at a desk but on the Phi Phi Islands in Southeast Thailand!!!

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  5. I am looking forward to warm weather (hopefully), spending time with my baby and my husband, and taking Gage to my hometown to meet everyone for the first time!

    Love the towels... wish I was just half as talented as you are!

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    just the sound of it ..
    warms my toes and gives me
    flashes of flowers and puffy clouds..
    i will be spending this spring break with
    my hubby .. couching him on as he continues
    to train for his first triathlon (he just retired ..) yup..he's 62 .. go ! go ! go !

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  7. Robyn-
    First I wanted to say how much I enjoyed listening to your testimony. What a story, with a remarkable ending (or new beginning). I am so proud of you and can't wait to see what all God does in your life!
    I love your blog! It is on my daily blog roll to read (along with MckMamma, Kellys Korner) those ladies have competition!!!
    You are so crafty and I enjoy seeing all of your projects! Those towels are adorable!

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  8. Ok, I was so caught up in your testimony, I did not read all the rules! :)
    Spring Break- Spend time at home with my girls and be outside as much as possible!!
    (from CFA)

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  9. Sad, I'm too late! The towels are darling Robyn.

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