Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Things of late

Arabelle is all over the place now days and the house is CRAZY!!!! Seriously though...I love every minute of chasing this girl around. It is such a JOY to watch her little personality unfold right before us.

She LOVES to be chased and tickled. She waits for it and as soon as we come after her she giggles and crawls away and then giggles some more.


She enjoys flipping over after the dirty diaper comes off and high tailing it outta there before we can get a new one on.


Pulling up on pretty much anything and everything so that she can stand up.



Playing with "real" toys and not those silly things you buy at the store.


(Things she loves to play with)


(Things we thought she would love to play with)

Saying "mama" and "dada" and smacking her lips together like she is eating real food.

And of course having her bows and arrows ready at all times.


I planted some strawberry plants. I can't wait to see how they will do. So far Nellie is already trying to get them let's just hope the other animals around here don't find them. They are already so cute with their tiny flowers.


And I made some butter from the fat off our raw milk. The picture did not come out very good but boy did it taste yummy. It didn't even taste like the butter I get from the store...I could have eaten it alone, but I didn't...okay maybe I did but just a little bit of it.


Now I am off to work on some overdo craft projects. Hopefully I will be able to post about them soon. I was waiting to get my craft room finished to start crafting but my husband had a minor injury and setback while working on it all weekend. Maybe next weekend I will be down there working away.
*I'm not sure why or how this blog turned out so messy and unorganized.

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