Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Girls Weekend

This past weekend Arabelle and I hit the road on our own to go to my friend Kathryn's baby shower. This was the first time I have done this on my own. There was much praying involved and it ended up being a really good visit. I enjoyed getting away and having some girl time, although I feel sorry for all the girls who had to listen to me talk...I came up for air a few times but man was I excited to be around grown-ups. Arabelle did wonderful for all she had to endure and she didn't cry until the last hour on the drive home.

On my drive down there I was just a following my little Garmin and honestly didn't even look to see where it was taking me and about 15 minutes before I drove through Blanco did I even realize that it was taking me straight through my hometown. It was at that point that I noticed I would be driving right past my sweet friend Michelle's house so I called her and gave her a few minutes notice and she was so gracious to let us stop bye and give her a visit. She has a little girl Macey that was just as sweet and tender as can be.

I had also made arrangements for my Mom to meet Arabelle during this visit. Thank you to all who prayed for that.

Saturday was Kathryn's shower and it was at held at her parent's adorable house in Boerne. I was so happy to spend time with their beautiful family. I fell in love with them over four years ago and couldn't wait to be in their home with them again. They are so loving and welcoming and Arabelle just loved them...I'm pretty sure they loved her too. No matter what room in the house her mother was in she was maintaining her constant conversation with Arabelle.

Kathryn's husband Mike flies and so I thought it would be nice to include him in the all girly gift giving so I made a cute plane onesie.

When we got in Daddy was super excited to see his girls and couldn't wait to get his little girl cleaned up for bedtime. The next morning they went to church together just the two of them and gave me a moment to myself. It is so cute to see them do things just the two of them.

And now that we are home Arabelle is on the move and pulling up on everything, including me. She loves to explore and you will soon see us at wal-mart purchasing some baby gates.


  1. that onesie you made is adorable!! i love it!

    so glad your visit was good!

    love ya!

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  2. Gotta love that hair do Arabelle is sporting after the bath :) I am glad your mom got to meet Arabelle.

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