Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Trying to make Pawpaw proud

We have been busy! Here are some highlights of our weekend.

Here is one of my Saturday morning yard sale finds. I can't wait to fill it with bright colored pillows and someday soon baby dolls for Arabelle.

We started working on our garden. Let's be honest Matt did most of the work with this project. I cheered him on until Arabelle went down for a nap and then I put up outdoor lights.

Oh wait I forgot, I was doing something. While he was making the garden I was under the house clearing out junk left from years past and I found this stuff. It's obvious I'm a lover of old junk. I think it's neat to see all of these old labels. I'm cleaning out under the house so we will have a place to store all of those wonderful potatoes we are sure to get from our garden.

While we were busy working on these projects the little miss was busy working on pulling up and standing.

And today I took a trip to the dump to shovel as many bags of mulch into our car as I could handle. These bags were supposed to go to the garden but then when I got home I took one look at my ugly flower beds around the house and decided to clean them out and put fresh mulch on them. Now they look beautiful and back to the dump I go!

I'm a good mom I promise! You do whatcha gotta do sometimes even if that means family car turn work truck every now and then.

I love this little girl as my helper!


  1. Precious! Y'all enjoy that warm weather for us. Hope to hang out again soon. Your princess gets more beautiful each time I see her.

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