Thursday, January 21, 2010

She's still a baby right?

Last Friday morning (Jan 15,2010) my little bitty baby girl crawled for the first time. Lately she is looking like such a big girl it is making my heart smile and break in the same beat. Now she is all over the place and getting into everything. Of course her main interest is Nellie and Nellie's toys and her second interest is the shoes on her giant tower of shoes. Nellie has been such a little helper in getting Arabelle to go the distance. She will take her toy and coax Arabelle to it with a few squeaks, let Arabelle get the toy (yuck!) and then gently take it from her and move it a little further. Now I am finding Arabelle all over Nellie because now she can get to her on her own and doesn't have to wait for Nellie to wake up and come down from the couch, Arabelle will just come to her. Nellie is not always so thrilled about this. Another big girl thing she is doing is sitting up in her crib when she wakes up. She use to just lay in there and talk to herself until we came and got her and the other day I came in and found her sitting up and looking out the window at the neighbors. All this to say she is still my little baby girl.

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  1. Love those little chunky legs---too cute!!

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