Thursday, December 17, 2009

Catch Up

Here are a few things that have been going down at the Farmer place.

Arabelle turned 7 months yesterday! She is sitting up, clapping her hands, waving, and doing a lot of grunting, not really sure why on that last one. She grunts all the time if she is bored she grunts, if she is studying a new object she grunts, if she is tired she grunts all in all she just likes to grunt.

Matt is in the middle of Basketball season and it is going well, he will actually be coaching the varsity team on his own Friday night and is getting so excited. Keep him in your prayers through this season as he strives to be an example of Christ to these boys. Matt will be one busy man this weekend as we are STILL in Football season! That's right the Brenham Cubs are playing for the State Title this Saturday at the University of Texas at 1:00. If anyone is interested in listening to the game live you can log on to and go to "listen live."

Update on me.... I am going much better. The Lord is doing some amazing things in my heart and I am growing deeper with him every day. He brought a special family into my heart that has forever changed the way I will live life. It was in his perfect timing and for that I am so grateful. The Lord always knows what we need and when we are ready to receive.

My hair...well I went and got it fixed. I can't say I love it because I never wanted my hair to be this short (only 1 inch in some places) but it is MUCH better than what it was. As I went to the new hairstylist to get my do fixed I was amazed with the conversations we had about Jesus. He was giving me words to share about his kingdom and love to a stranger. I know this is what we are supposed to do but how often are we sharing this? So often we stress over what this person might think or respond and this time it was so amazingly natural and beautiful. As this person was fixing my mangled hair we were crying together! What if that horrible do was all for the purpose of that conversation. If a horrible haircut can bring glory to Jesus then I will take it!

Because every blog post should have a picture I will include a pic taken about two weeks ago when it snowed here in Brenham. It snowed for a few hours but didn't stick. Arabelle enjoyed it!

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  1. I love those little rubberband wrists! Precious.

    Your hair really does look adorable! It's funny how Jesus can bring glory to Himself even through a bad haircut.

    Love you guys!

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