Friday, September 11, 2009

We have a thumb sucker and it's so stinkin cute!

From the moment she was born she had a fascination with sucking on her hand and a battle with the pacifier. We were told to continue to give her the pacifier and she would eventually take to it, so we would and every time she would make a funny face and spit it out. Then there was one night where she woke up crying a little bit and then it stopped without me trying to put a pacifier in her mouth, I turned on the little flashlight and found the cutest little girl soothing herself just a sucking her thumb.

Now I catch her even doing it while she is supposed to be playing and if I'm not careful she will fall fast asleep on me.

Over the Labor Day weekend Nonnie came to visit!

She is starting to take notice in Nellie and has even tried to put Nellie's ear in her mouth.

Daddy giving his sweet girl a mani-pedi.


  1. Our guys are so strangely linked. What lucky baby girls to have such nail savvy daddies!

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  2. nothing cuter than a sweet baby sucking her thumb!! So precious! Thanks for the tips on computers! I will check that out!

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