Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Tonight as I held my sweet precious daughter I watched as she slept in my arms, eyes closed, breathing softly as she drifted off into her sweet dreams. I usually lay her down in her bed as soon as she falls asleep and then I am off to finish all of the chores around the house. Tonight was different, tonight I couldn't let her go. I couldn't stop praying over her, kissing her, and smelling that sweet baby smell. She is so precious to me and such a gift from the Lord. I wash her clothes the same way I wash ours and somehow her clothes end up smelling so different, they just smell like a baby.

Everyday I thank the Lord for allowing me to stay at home and raise her. I am so thankful to be the one that is there to pick her up out of her crib each time she wakes up from a nap. I am thankful to be the one to make and see her smile as she is playing. I am thankful for the sweet and happy baby that she is. I am thankful that she loves me and that I can see that in her eyes. I am thankful for a husband that puts Christ at the center of our family. I am thankful that he prays over us throughout the day and ends our days in prayer as a family. I am thankful for a husband that works so hard to provide for us. I am thankful for a God that loves me so much that he gave his son to die for ME so that I could meet with him and be called his child. Now that I have a child of my own I realize the depth of love that Christ has for us. I realize the love a parent has for a child. In no way could I imagine giving Arabelle over to sinners who mistreat, mock and deny her so that they could be saved and have eternal life. To be honest I just couldn't do it. God's love is so deep and so very real. I praise him tonight as I thank him for all that he is and all that he has given.

Tonight I also grieve for a family and sing praises for a family. I do not know this family personally but have been following their blog regarding their situation. Sara the wife and recent mother of baby Chloe (born 2 weeks ago)met the Lord tonight. Sara had been battling cancer after becoming pregnant with Chloe and proceeded to take chemo treatments during the pregnancy. The baby was born at 34 weeks and was healthy other than being a preemie in the NICU, she was released to go home this past week and continues to do well. Sara however started having headaches post pregnancy that they thought were related to the epidural, she then starting having seizures and was admitted into the hospital. The doctors were not sure what was wrong with her and things just started to get worse in a whirlwind kinda way. Sara went into a coma-like state a few days ago and started losing blood flow to her brain, as of this morning they declared her brain dead. Brady, her husband released her from life support and told her that he and Chloe would be fine and that she needed to go in peace. Sara's heart stopped beating and as Brady put it she was "Heaven Bound." I grieve for baby Chloe as she will grow up not knowing her mother and I grieve for Brady as he lost his wife and best friend. I praise the Lord for Sara knew Christ and she is now sitting at his feet, in heaven with no more pain. I praise him for giving Brady this miracle baby that survived in her mothers womb while undergoing chemo and was born a healthy baby. I sing praises that God gave him a little girl that will be a sweet reminder of his wife and the gifts of the Lord.

From the Sullivan blog: "The reality of the situation has yet to sink in, but Sara is now with Jesus and for this I am thankful...and at peace! I will miss my best friend and am sorry that Chloe will not be able to know her mother, but Sara's legacy will live on through our MANY happy memories with her. Chloe will know her mother through the impact Sara had on so many lives. She was an AMAZING WOMAN who touched the lives of everyone she came in contact with!Thank you to those of you who have been praying for us. It is completely clear to me that the Lord was calling Sara home at this time. No matter what her diagnosis had been, it was her time to go. She delivered our miracle baby and we spent a few days at home as a family. I have never seen Sara happier, and I feel as though those few days were like heaven on earth."

Life is very precious and many times difficult to understand. I know for me this story touched me so deeply and made me cherish my life here on this earth more than I had before. I cherish my health and my gifts from God and I cling to my Savior ever step I take.

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