Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Barn House DIY

I'm blowing the dust off the old blog because I just have to share a fun diy I recently finished. You see we have had this doll house for several years and as cute as it was it just wasn't getting the use that it needed to justify the space it took up. So it sat in the garage until I could find someone who wanted it. It sat and sat. All the while each and every day the kids played barnyard animals for hours on end. I had a light bulb moment to turn that cute dollhouse into a barn!

I didn't take many pictures of the step by step process but in a nutshell I removed the door from the house and took it to Home Depot to get a piece of wood the same thickness cut to fit the size of the existing door. I then found thin trim pieces and cut them into the barnyard X. I found some cabinet hardware for the front hinges and a pull and put it all together! Because I was using a hand saw for the trim pieces it didn't match up perfectly, with a little putty and paint you would never know! On the inside I used mod podge and scrapbook paper sheets of dirt, straw hay and green grass for the different levels and barn siding scrapbook paper for the walls.

This was his big birthday surprise that was setup in his newly decorated room. He loved it all, but when I asked him what his favorite part was....he said, his cow knobs on his dresser. lol
Cow poster found HERE
Cow knobs from Hobby Lobby


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