Friday, January 31, 2014

{Snow, Frozen and Sharing Sisters}

This week started off with a canceled school day for Daddy and the anticipation of some snow. We didn't get much at all and the day cleared up after lunch. There were no complaints from us because we were happy to have Daddy home all day. Well....I say there were no complaints but you will see that Bubby was pretty torn up about not being able to build a snowman like Olaf, he was so prepared...carrot and all. I made sure to come inside and find a snowman type of craft on pinterest that we could incorporate into our day to make up for the misunderstanding and he was just fine.

I have been pulling together more and more of our homeschool curriculum for the next school year and slowly adding it into our current "learning" time. I have to be honest that most days I feel a bit overwhelmed and doubt myself and then there's that perfect moment when I'm teaching them about something and it all just clicks. I rejoice in those moments. I love the discovery of what makes their brains click. I love that I'm getting to know these little people and every little detail about them to help them through this life. I also love me some google and youtube! It helps me to actually answer questions like, "how many eggs do Mama sea tutles lay?" Asked and google answered and then followed up with an incredible youtube video about it all. We all loved watching this video of the baby turtles hatching. Don't you just love how we have access to somewhat experience things that we may never get to see in person? I know I do!

This week we made a big transition and decided to move the two girls into a room together! Junebug has been sleeping in our room up to this point and I have known for some time that being in the same room as me was the culprit of her waking so much through the night. We thought through every setup and this was the one that just seemed right. That and Sissy has been begging for Junebug to be in her room since day one. The first night we went in and checked often and they were both sleeping so peaceful. Matt even came out at one point and put my thoughts into words when he said, " It just feels different in there, like this is the way it's supposed to be, sisters right next to each other." I have to agree with that statement. The room felt like a sweet hug. I would also like to report that Junebug is doing much better and by the second night she only woke for one feeding. She also appears more rested and happy through the day now that she's not up all hours of the night. I have to say I feel the same way! Yay for more sleep!

"Let it go.....Let it go!" over and over, every day all day!

That's our week in a nutshell.

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  1. What a wonderful move for your little sweeties! And for you and your hubby too. They are so darling and so so photogenic. I shared a bedroom with my older sister growing up too. I always felt so safe and loved in the same room with my big sis. We were always very close because of it. Good move!

    Blessings to you and yours, Edie Marie

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