Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rainy Day Happenings

 It's a cold and rainy day over here. The perfect weather for busting out busy bag activities for the little ones. I've always wanted to get things together for a busy bag swap party, have any of you done one? I think it would be a great way to stock up on lots of activities. I'm thankful that last year I went to a yard sale of a pre-k teacher that was retiring and she was selling all of her supplies for pennies on the dollar. Today has been the perfect day for those. I'm learning that parenting is easier when it's pretty outside. This Texas weather has led me to believe that I'm a well planned Mama with fun and games for the kiddos but in reality we just go play outside. Rainy weather..inside for days and days....that stretches me and makes me realize how much more planning I need to do. I'm not much of a planner and really want to work on that. Last week when the kids were sick we watched tons of movies because they really didn't feel up to anything other than vegging. I have to admit that when I saw a rainy forecast for this week I started to panic with what to do and knew that I needed to come up with something other than the tv. It takes more effort to plan, facilitate and engage with activities all day but that's my job and I want to do it to the best of my abilities. Even as a mom we can get stuck in a rut and with what's easy. I'm challenging myself to do less of what's easy for me and do more of whats good for these little ones.
Saying "yes" when she asks if she can help me bake.
Getting out the play-dough even if he's just going to eat it.
Playing games that have 100 pieces.
Sitting on the floor to play with them with my phone out of reach.

What are some ways you keep your kids engaged with indoor activities?


  1. I love those busy babies. Both of them look so much older. I love your orange measuring cups. Where did you find them? Love, Nonnie

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  2. You scored at that garage sale! For. Sure. So glad you found all of those goodies! When my oldest 2 were your kid's ages we breathed the "Little Hands Art Book". This was pre-pinterest. But I still think it has merit in a pinterest world! Dylin would flip through and choose projects that we would work on together. It is a great resource!
    With older ones we like to build forts, make marble runs out of toilet paper tubes, shadow puppets, water paint. Lots of art. Lots of mess. Lots of hands on mama time.

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  3. We do food coloring experiments. Just get a few glasses with water and set out all the food coloring you have. E is probably too little, but A can choose her colors and make a 'hypothesis' as to what new color it will create.
    If you have ice cream cones at the house you can also whip up some green icing and make Christmas trees.

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  4. Pinterest has been my go-to spot for activities for my girls. We do Play-doh, coloring (with washable markers of course!), color sorting with little pom-poms, bead lacing (Melissa and Doug), Mr. Potato Head, we build forts. Thank goodness for Pinterest!

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  5. LOok at that hat loving boy- after my own heart

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