Tuesday, December 11, 2012


 It's the end of the Christmas card photo sessions and I thought I would pick up my camera and give little worry to being a photographer and just simply capture our day. Often times I feel pressure to make each image look perfect and something I'm "proud" of and it can weigh me down and hold me back. I know I'm the only one that puts these expectations on myself and it's something I'm working on....so today I simply captured the mundane of our day.
I love the way Bubby loves to wear his hat. He prefers to have something on his head at all times and is actually upset if it comes of or gets taken off. I wonder if it has anything to do with the DOC band he wore as a baby?

Poor guy is fighting a loosing battle. 

I'm reading THIS book right now and highly reccommend it! It's about Christian centered heart oriented discipline. It's so encouraging and thought provoking. In my opinion it's a must read for any mom. 

There's nothing more exciting than a lunch break visit from Daddy.

On the pregnancy front I am having many sour and bitter food cravings. I could eat these sour ropes till there was no enamel left on my teeth.

I was recently introduced to THIS seasoning and have been eating it on popcorn and fresh limes. In fact, last night I ate an entire lime in record time. I have also been eating pickles out of the jar! I have never been a pickle when pregnant girl but this baby is changing things so we shall see.

What are some of your pregnancy cravings? I'm always curious to know what others eat. When pregnant with Little Miss I was a meat and potatoes girl and while pregnant with Bubby I wanted nothing but sweets. This baby is throwing me for one!


  1. I craved salads with both of my boys. With my oldest, I also craved spicy foods and orange soda. With my youngest it was protein and sprite. (Not neccessarily together, lol).

    That book has been on my "to read" list for a while. Guess I better go get it now. :-)

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  2. We read that book a few years ago and I agree, a must read for parents! As far as cravings, with Jonathan I could go through a gallon sized tub of Goldfish in like 2 days. (Interestingly enough, Jonathan LOVES them too!) And with Matthew, it was sweets. I was on bedrest of Thanksgiving and Christmas and all I wanted to do was lay around eating sugar cookies and Christmas candy!!

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  3. Ha! pregnancy foods! With Moonpie I craved Chinese food and apples. With Buddy it was fish tacos and watermelon. Oh, and with both saur kraut. And mustard. Lots of mustard.

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  4. With Brazos I always wanted stew and chili. With Sandy I craved sweets first thing in the morning. I would grab a candy bar {usually Snickers or York Peppermint Patties} and go hide in the bathroom so Brazos couldn't see me eating candy for breakfast. Unfortunately, I haven't broken that habit yet and Sandy is almost a year old! The cover of that book is so cute, it makes me want to read it.

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  5. Pickles! Snow cones! And beer! And I had those sour straw things for the second time ever a week ago and thought I had gone to heaven! But.... sweet potatoes - which I used to love - in the form of fries :) - totally gross me out now.

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  6. I'm reading that along with Shepherding a Child's Heart- both so good! Mustard, onions and ice cream only for a month or so in first trimester and no particular cravings after that! Glad to see Bubby loves hats... Makes me smile

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  7. Tajin, jalapenos and limes are staples in my cuisine! It's always so cool to see Americans using it. And girl, that picture of the sour ropes totally made my mouth water!! They are SO good! Congrats on your bun!

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