Tuesday, October 23, 2012


 Two weeks ago Aunt Ernie came down for a visit and a mini photo session for her sweet little tractor loving boy. Bubby and Will are just a few months apart and are into pretty much the same things. Sometimes they make the same faces or do the same expressions and when we are all together and hear one of them make a noise we aren't sure which boy it is. While we got some great shots of just Will we were also able to get some pictures of them together. I'm so glad we did because they are so cute dressed up in the their cowboy attire while playing on the tractor.

Right now many people are planning  family pictures for Christmas cards and I just want to help you think outside of the box.I love taking pictures of kiddos in their element doing their favorite things. I think it's special to capture what interests them. If a little boy is into tractors then setup a time to capture them with a tractor, fishing...then take them fishing. Sometimes it's hard to think outside of the box for family pictures but when you make it about the interests of the family and the children then you are sure to treasure the images because the smiles and excitement will be genuine and have meaning.


  1. These are so precious! 9429 is awesome--great perspective! And Bubby has the prettiest lips ever!

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  2. These are so cute! Love them! Nonnie

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  3. Oh! The one where Bubby is all slouchy with his hat- SO PRECIOUS!!!

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