Thursday, August 9, 2012

Football season is upon us!

 It's that time of year again! The time of year where we are thankful for that one small kiss during a water break, a quick run by the house to grab lunch and the call from the bus barn to tell us to "look outside in 2 minutes," so we can wave to Daddy while driving the school bus by the house.

Usually we are used to Daddy being gone all day and night during two-a-days but this year they changed the schedule and are having it at 6am-12. It's so much cooler for the boys and perfect for our family to still have Daddy around for our normal dinner and nighttime routine. The kids and I loaded up one morning to check out this seasons crew. Little Miss was very intrigued by their conditioning and helmets and decided to join in on the sidelines at one point.

Yes, that's her bathing suite on underneath her dress;) You know just in case she needs to be ready to swim at any given moment.

It's so much fun to see Matt in action with those boys. He's kind of a different person out there. He's tough. At home and most all of the time he's a total softy so it's extra funny when he's out there being all tough and Little Miss runs out onto the field during huddle and says, "hugs and kisses Daddy," and he totally caves for his baby girl while in coach mode.
Here's to another season!


  1. I can just see Matt caving like that... so sweet!

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  2. Cute pictures of my babies. Bubs with his face all red from the heat & Baby Girl eating her sucker & giving up a big ole smile. Fun times & making memories while visiting Daddy at work. Mama, they won't forget what you are doing for them. I love y'all! Nonnie

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