Thursday, August 30, 2012

And just like that....

 She goes from being a sweet little "baby" doodling on some paper.

  To creating pieces of work that she is super proud of. She came to me a few days ago beaming with pride to show me a picture she drew of herself. Before seeing it I was prepared to applaud her for another piece of paper like the above picture and instead I was presented with her first "picture." I can't get over how cute her creations are! Everyday since she has been found hiding in a corner creating more artwork. I can't wait to frame this picture for her and hang it in her room for all to see what an artist she is.

Do y'all have any creative ideas for displaying this?


  1. I love when they start to draw real pictures!! I keep my boys pics in their room on a rotation. You can see it here

    But I kinda think the first one deserves a frame and some matting :)

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  2. Tell sweet A that I love her picture! She is growing up so fast. Love Nonnie

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  3. SO cute! I had to go dig through Pinterest, because I knew I'd seen something that would be adorable for displaying this - totally something you could do, too!’s-day-art/ You'd have to make some adjustments, but seeing as the paper already has the petal/flower look, I don't think it would take too much... eliminate the buttons so you can see her artwork and you could display several of her drawings this way. :)

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