Tuesday, April 17, 2012

There's just something about the morning time

I love the way the light streams into the house and how our Nellie girl soaks it up.

I love how a little boy with baby bed head crashes into pillows.

I love the feathers I find in the egg cartons from Pawpaws chickens.

I love the little girl that calmly reads all morning long.

I love the butterflies that flutter all around us when we are outside enjoying the cool crisp morning.

I love the one teeny tiny strawberry that's ready to eat.

I love the lizard that's on the house for my little one to discover.

I love the roses.

I love that the little girl chases in wonder to find all of God's marvelous creation.

I love the way the Lord speaks to me each morning when I put him first. I want to share this mornings devotion with you. It really spoke to me and made me think it might speak to one of you. As a person that struggles with true forgiveness I needed to hear these words.

"Dwell on the thought -- God is Love. Link it up with my "I and my Father are One." Dwell on My actions on earth. See in the Love in operation. If it was God who so acted, then it was Love, Perfect Love, that performed those actions, those wonders. Then you, too, must put Love (God) into action in your lives. Perfect Love means perfect forgiveness. Lo, my children, you see that where God is there can be no lack of forgiveness, for that is really lack of love.

God is Love....no judging
God is Love....no resentment
God is Love....all patience
God is Love....all power
God is Love....all supply

All you need to have is love to God and man. Love to God ensures obedience to every wish, every command. Love is the fulfilling of all law. Pray much for Love."

Amen! I pray y'all have a blessed day!


  1. This is such a lovely post. I enjoyed reading, and looking at all of God's marvelous works. He blesses us daily and we all need to remember to thank him every day and to put Him first always!
    Thank you for uplifting me this morning!

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  2. I love how they are always reading!! Jonathan is just now getting to the point where he will let me read to him (instead of just flipping through the pages super fast...) and I love it :)

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  3. lovely pictures you have captured

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  4. I love this post. Your flower beds are looking fabulous!

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  5. This is beautiful, and it's true. Thank you so much for this.

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  6. Hello!
    I'm Francesca and I am so happy I've found your blog! Totally love it!
    I was thinking this very morning that morning light has really something special, it gives a feeling that one can't express with words...
    your little ones are so so precious.


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