Thursday, April 5, 2012


We just said goodbye to the 4Runner. It's bittersweet to see it go :( Now it's time for me to go get my minivan on! I'm probably out searching for it as you read this post. Praying that the buying process is less painful than the selling was.

We went to the MOPS Easter egg hunt yesterday. Little Miss I really enjoyed hunting the Easter eggs. Once she realized there was candy to be had it was game over.

The Mulberries are ready and we are enjoying them while hanging out in the backyard.

The Hubby is just about done with the bathroom and I am so ready to have my shower back. He has worked tirelessly on this project and I cannot thank him enough. I'm pretty sure I chose the most difficult tile on earth and he has not complained about it. I love that man.

I plan on making these Resurrection Rolls with the kids for Easter. I think it will be a fun way to explain the miracle of Christ's resurrection.

This guy is melting my heart each and every day. I absolutely adore this stage. I wish you could hear his sweet baby babble. It's the best!

Alright I'm off to eat some more of this yummy cereal. Have you ever eaten this? It's so stinkin' good!

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I always liked that cereal but it would cut the roof of my mouth if I ate too quickly..

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  2. I freakin love that cereal!!! You have a great weekend too!

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  3. That is Abel's FAVORITE cereal. It is all smiles in our house when I bring it home from the grocery store! Hopefully you guys found a car! I HATED the process but LOVE the end product!

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  4. Cant wait to see your finished bathroom :) and the Mulberries look delish!!

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  5. loving the tile! high five, Matt! the kids are looking so big!

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  6. Just recently found your blog and loving it! That cereal is dangerous! As in I could eat the WHOLE stinking box! I also am going to put your tutorial for making homemade Mrs. Meyer's soap SOON! Thanks for sharing!

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