Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Bubby!

One year ago today at this exact time I was unloading the dishwasher when I noticed the bending over and reaching up high was causing some painful contractions. Little Miss had just gone down for her nap so I decided to lay down and determine if they stayed the same once I was resting. They continued in frequency and pain and it's about that time I called the doctor and made the decision to come on in to the hospital. I then called my husband to tell him he needed to come home from work and he just so happened to not answer. It was about that time that I got nervous that this really could be it and now I couldn't get a hold of my husband. It wasn't but 15-20 minutes later that he called me back (felt like 2 hours) and I told him to come home because we needed to head to the hospital. He later told me he thought it was a false alarm. My friend Kim rushed over to the house from work to stay with Little Miss. Once she got there I started bawling my eyes out because I realized this was real and I was about to leave my first born for the first time, during nap time and return a few days later with a baby. A lot to process in a short hormonal amount of time. We headed to the hospital within the hour, checked in and found out that I was indeed in labor. I jogged around the hospital breezeway (I'm not even kidding!) until about 9, had my epidural at 10 and had baby boy on April 11, 2011 at 11:12pm weighing 7lbs 11 ounces.

He is passionate, loving, cuddly, and just as sweet as can be. I never realized how much I needed a little boy until I had him. His hugs melt my heart. He is pure sweetness. All the loud grunting, screaming, strong as heck grip, and toy throwing is growing on me. I know it comes with the territory and I'm being refined through it all. Most of the time it makes me shake my head with laughter. He's crazy. He's "all boy." Whatever he is, be it angry, happy, or sad he gives it his all. I look forward to see how God will use those qualities as you grow older. 

We are so in love with you Bubby boy! You bring Joy to this home and our hearts. Your smile lights up our eyes and we are so grateful God chose us as your parents.

Things to note:
Just got your first tooth and it looks like the second one is breaking through.
You aren't walking on your own yet but you are walking while pushing chairs and toys.
You LOVE to be outside.
You still enjoy eating more than anything else in the world.
You say "Da Da" all the time.
You smile all the time.
You no longer drool..... praise the Lord! It stopped once you started cutting teeth....funny huh?
You stick your tongue out when your focused.
You suck your right thumb.
I will find out all of your stats at your appointment and try to remember to post them here.

I failed miserably at the growth chart. Once I hit the 6 month mark I stopped trying. At least I got the first  6 months, right?


  1. He is perfect! Our boys need another play date--and time for mommies to visit!

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  2. Oh my! Has it been one year already? Happy birthday sweet E!

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  3. What a cutie pie!

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  4. that is one handsome little fellow! Happy Birthday!

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  5. Love the 6 shots so sweet, Happy first birthday!

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