Sunday, January 8, 2012

This Weekend

We had the perfect weekend that was filled with time spent together, nowhere to be and nothing to do. It seems like it's been a while since we've had one of these. We are usually busy by our own doing and forget that sometimes slowing down to just be with each other is far better than any activity. The weather was sunny and beautiful on Saturday and cloudy and rainy on Sunday. Best of both worlds.

The kids played together for the first time. Sure, they interact and engage in one another daily but Saturday they actually played and giggled and entertained each other equally. It was such a joyful sound and made this Mama heart smile.

I made copycat Chick-fil-A ,we mowed and collected leaves and spent almost the entire day outside.

As a mom I have found that my heart grows deeper in love with my kids in a particular day and/or week.  I know this may not make sense to everyone but what I mean is that I fall deeper in love with them and can feel my heart growing in that particular moment. It may result from great one on one time or just bonding together, either way it's something I notice. This weekend was one of those moments for me.
The Lord is so good to me!


  1. aah! A favorite post. They are really looking more and more alike! Definitely look like siblings.

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  2. I have had a very similar week of deep bliss with my little boy. The love really does seem to multiply over the course of a few days - even when you thought it wasn't possible to love anyone more!

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  3. Rachel- Miss you too!
    Alli- I agree. He looks so different without his DOC band.
    Elisalex- I'm glad to read that you feel the same way!

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