Friday, January 20, 2012


Our week captured through my camera phone.

It was one of those weeks. A week full of challenges that brought out laughter. Matt left for work one morning and didn't make it far from home. Everything that could go wrong did. Tire goes flat, jack breaks, wife brings another jack, thing to crank the jack breaks, put donut on the car, donut goes flat, fill donut and front right tire up with air, get to tire shop, need four new tires, $-.oo in the bank account, thread for lug-nut breaks at tire shop. You know the typical stuff.

I had plans for our family to eat leftovers. That is until I held the leftovers above my head to check the bottom of the container to see if it was microwave safe and I got butter fingers and dropped it. It hit the top of my head and crashed onto the floor. Rice got everywhere, it's like the glitter of food. I just stood looking and laughing at the wreck that just went down in my kitchen.

It was in that moment that I made the choice. You know the "Laugh or Cry" choice. I laughed so hard that Little Miss thought something was terribly wrong with me. I explained to her that I had an accident and we would now be eating breakfast for dinner. Because that's what you do in a pinch.

This little guy decided that crawling isn't enough for him and he needs to keep growing.

 Big trip to town to eat at Daddy's favorite place. We decided to use our gift card for the occasion.After we ate our meal and gave the card to pay, the server told us the card would not work at that particular location. Nice. Again we just laughed while Matt regretted the splurge on his Dr.Pepper.

First time in the basket. Sissy stayed home with Daddy to make this possible.

Little Miss got her fingernails painted for the first time. She sat patiently as I painted away and then she chipped it off as soon as she could.

It's been a beautiful week with lots of time outside.

One way to keep her busy.

In other news....Little Miss is near potty trained. Thank yall so much for all the advice and encouragement. We are one week into this and have only had one accident. We even got out of the house a few times this week without any problems. I'm so very proud of my big girl.


  1. just popping in from the link up @ liferearranged! my little one just started standing on her own so i know where you are with your little guy! :)

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  2. cute cute kids! Love Belle's sassy looking face in the restaurant photo. High five on potty training!

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  3. Oh- I like that last one with little miss and puppy. the colors are perfect.

    And- how is your head? I bet that pan of rice hurt!!!

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  4. Oh wow, you've had a fun week! Stopping over from Life Rearranged.

    I would have laughed when the rice went everywhere, too. Are you still finding rice in places because that isn't fun to clean up!

    Hope this week is better! Happy Friday!

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  5. Good attitude on those crummy things, Robyn! Haha get it... crummy!?

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  6. I choose to laugh too and say it could've been worse. Great milestones with the kidos

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  7. Oh no! It sounds like when it rains it pours week for you. We have breakfast for dinner too. :-)

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  8. I couldn't help noticing that Bubby chose to put his hands on the one place you didn't have covered on the shopping cart & he looked pretty happy about it. Love Nonnie

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  9. Oh no at the rice going everywhere! I hope you managed to clean most of it up and aren't still finding it in several weeks!

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  10. Oh, I know those days/weeks way too well. It's always good to laugh at them! Here's to hoping to a better week next week.

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  11. Oh my goodness, you did have a rough week. :( Here's hoping that the upcoming week is much better for you!

    Your kids are absolutely adorable!

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  12. Oh girl. SO been there with those weeks!!! And heavens knows there's not extra $$$ for tires and extra dr. peppers haha!!!
    Sad part is my tire went out last week. I'm driving around on my spare until payday. Ghetto :)
    Seriously...I feel like we're the same person :)
    Hope your Saturday is good!!! Does your guy do any winter sports?

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