Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Part 3

I guess I didn't take as many pictures at the last Christmas gathering. When we got on the road I realized I forgot the pack n' play for Bubby to take a nap in..ooops...big ooops. We didn't get to stay very late because we had been on the road and without regular naps for four days at that point. We had a great time and will need to go back sometime this next week to spend more time together.

I just got back from another DOC band day in Austin and finally got moved to a two-week appointment schedule! Going there every week was so hard on this Mama and the Littles. When we pulled up to the house this afternoon the sun was beaming into the yard and we were able to play for an hour before it got chilly. We all enjoyed being outside and stretching our traveling legs.

I put the Littles to bed a little early tonight and finalized my online shopping cart for my sample package of cloth diapers. Thank you everyone for giving me links and advice. After much research I'm going to try bumGenius and see how it goes. I'm kinda excited and kinda scared at the same time.

Oh and thank you for all your comments on the play kitchen. Of course I'm going to do a post on it! Ya'll are so silly if you think I was going to leave you high and dry...you know I wouldn't do that. I love sharing ideas ;) Hopefully I will get to that this week. Times just flying by for me right now and I'm trying to soak in what's important and not let the "to-do" list rule me. Hope ya'll are having a great week.

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