Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thank you

Thank you all for your calls, emails, texts and prayers over the past few days. We are on the mend and had our best day today.  Little Miss finally ate today and Bubby seems to be feeling better. I got nothing for this here blog as I'm sleep deprived and feel like I'm cleaning the house and doing laundry as if we have a newborn in the house. We've shampooed carpets, washed all slipcovers, sheets, and towels. Nothing like being sick to get the house spotless and germ free. I do have a post in the works that I'm really excited about and hopefully will get it up before the week is over.

It has a little something to do with this......

If you can guess what it is I will give you a special prize!

On a different note....
Look who's sitting up all by himself these days!


  1. So, so glad she is doing better! I can't imagine how stressful this has been for you. Hopefully it's over!

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  2. Glad you are all better. Is it a bar of soap?

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  3. I was guessing what Little Miss had in her hand, but after further review of the question I am not sure that was what I was suppose to be guessing. Never mind.

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