Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Flower Clips {DIY}

Cheap, Fast and Easy

Have you ever checked out the flowers in the scrapbook section at Hobby Lobby? Well, you should because they are adorable.

This package right here was $3.99  not on sale, so with a coupon it was around $2.25

Here's what you will need to make your flower clips
Hot Glue and Gun
Adult Snap Clips (they have a sturdy snap)
Scrapbook Flowers

Take the clip and open it

 Line the top edges with hot glue

 Gently place the flower on top. Make sure not to press too hard because you don't want the glue to get into the middle section that secures the clip

It should just rest on the flower. Don't bend the clip, just set it on top.

Once it's dry you are done! Fastest hair accessory project ever, right?

At around $0.55 cents each this would make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer.In order to "package" it all I did was cut a rectangle out of some scrapbook paper and round the edges. I then glued some ribbon and a button at the top, stamped it at the bottom and there you have it!

Now put them on a precious little girl and bribe her with chocolate chips to let you take her picture.


  1. Good Morning! I just found you via Pinterest and am SO GLAD:)

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  2. Do you live near all your gorgeous outside scenery in your photos? :) Just curious - always looking for new places to snap pictures of my kiddos. (Not that I would come to your scenery, as I live in NE - ha!)

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  3. I make most of my daughter's bows and clips. It is SO much cheaper and you can usually make things much cuter than you would find in the store. Also, I linked back to your hand soap tutorial...just finished my first batch. Fantastic idea! Here's the link to the post:


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  4. So cute and easy! My kind of craft!! :]

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  5. Wow, you make a wonderful tip top pin in very easy way. Your little girl is looking so cute by wearing this clip in hair. This pins are increasing her beauty.

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  6. Thanks for the tutorial! I also love the photos of your daughter. She's very photogenic, and you're a great photographer!

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