Tuesday, October 11, 2011

{6 Months}

Today you are 6 months old. I can hardly believe it. For some reason this half a year mark has snuck up on me rather fast. I guess I thought you would be my little newborn baby forever and here you are getting older every day. Wow...I really am speechless that I'm writing your 6 month update but here I go......

You weigh 16 lbs
You are still wearing a size 3 diaper during the day but size 4 at night
You started eating solids two weeks ago and grunt as soon as I sit you in your Bumbo to make your meal
You LOVE your toes
You love splashing in your bath water
You absolutely 100% adore your Daddy. It makes my heart smile to see your eyes follow his every move. I'm so thankful for what those eyes will see through the years as you look at him.
Your Sissy is still the person that puts the biggest smile on your face.
You still grunt really loud and make sudden spastic movements at the same time. I'm guessing I better get used to this.
You are sitting up with support
You are enjoying playing with toys on the floor and have determination to get to the toy your wanting.
Your favorite toy right now is your Sissy's hand bells
You still don't care to sleep as much as your Sissy does. You would much rather cuddle in bed with Mommy.

We love you so very much. I can't wait to see what the next six months hold. I look forward to watching you and your Sissy grow into best friends.


  1. man, that is one HANDSOME little baby boy!!!

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  2. Can't believe he's 6 months already! What a handsome little guy!!! I love how you do these updates... I may just copy and start it with my girls!

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  3. Wow, he's a little porkchop! Love him to pieces!! Very handsome young man. andrea@townandprairie

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  4. How can he already be six months? He is so cute--he looks like you, Robyn!

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