Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Travels

Loading up the car and hitting the road has been few and far between this Summer. We got Matt's Football schedule in the mail two weeks ago and realized that time was slipping away from us and we hadn't yet made a trip back home, so we loaded up the car for a full weekend. I wish I took a picture of our loaded car when Little Miss was first born to compare with the car now that we have two little ones, surprisingly less stuff has been added. We have realized we can do without a lot when it comes to traveling with children.

The first stop we made on our little trip was at the Dr.Pepper museum in Waco.

As soon as we got to Nonnie and PawPaw's house Little Miss jumped in Nonnie's bed and turned on cartoons and thought she was in heaven..." a tv...and a big bed??? this is awesome!"

Bubby had lots to say to PawPaw

The next morning I went out to the teeny tiny garden to get some tomatoes.

We got to go to the Ranger game with our good friends and had pitiful

And then we went to Matt's friends wedding on the way home.

Side story- We sat down at the Ranger game and the girl next to me glances over and does a double take of Little Miss....looks back at me and says, "oh my gosh...Family of Farmers...I read your blog!" How crazy is that? She found our blog through The Vanilla Tulip. It pretty much made my night. It was so good to meet you Emily!


  1. How cool! I always love those "small world" moments.

    And that Dr. Pepper truck...I want it!

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  2. If you'd have made you Dr Pepper Museum run 2 weeks ago, I would have been that girl saying, "Woah, I read your blog!" Even though I found you a different way :-)

    How crazy, in a crowd of thousands to have a blog fan right next to you! So cool!

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